Peculiar International School is very unique. Not just because it is home to a rich cultural mix of hundreds of learners with mix nationalities with ages ranging from 1 to 18 years, nor because it operates with an inclusive approach. The reason is simple, it is more than a school; it is one big family.

We offer a Ghanaian and British curricula that matches international standards and at the same time not compromising on good morals. We also promote a high sense of responsibility among the children. From the beginning, we have been dedicated to educating students for life, challenging them to fulfill their individual potential in a stimulating learning environment which fosters high moral and ethical standards, developing a sense of awareness for the world around them.

Peculiar International School blends high value deliveries with modern learning tools to ensure that the institution has a safe, healthy, positively energizing, intellectually challenging, learning and enjoyable environment committed to engage learners in active, collaborating and technology based learning methodologies.

We are a welcoming, friendly and happy school. Our children are highly motivated and inspired to learn actively inside and outside the classroom through an exciting curriculum.

We are set on a mission in providing quality and excellent education that meets international standards and to develop leaders into critical and analytical thinkers, ready to change the status-quo if need be.